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Fire Department Fees-PDF


Equipment: Personnel:
Brush Unit Response $75.00 per hour Chief of Department $25.00 per hour
Command Unit $75.00 per hour Deputy Chief of Department $22.50 per hour
Engine Company Response $175.00 per hour Assistant Chief $20.50 per hour
Hazardous Materials Unit $175.00 per hour Division Fire Chief. $18.50 per hour
Pumper/Tanker Response $175.00 per hour Fire Captain $16.50 per hour
Rescue/Service Response $125.00 per hour Fire Lieutenant $15.50 per hour
Support Vehicle Response $75.00 per hour Master Firefighter $12.50 per hour
Truck Company Response $175.00 per hour Firefighter II $11.50 per hour
Decontamination Unit $355.00 per hour Firefighter I $10.50 per hour
Trench/Confined Space Unit $355.00 per hour Firefighter (General) $10.50 per hour
Materials, Equipment and Long Distance Replacement Cost Fire Investigator/Inspector $15.50 per hour
Recall Personnel Time and Half of the hourly salary of recalled personnel
Annual Inspections: Re-inspection Fee
100.00 per visit *
Up to 2,500 sq. ft $75.00 Amusement Buildings
$75.00 per visit
2,501 – 10,000 sq. ft $100.00 Carnival and fair
$75.00 per visit
10,001 – 50,000 sq. ft $150.00 Circus tent
50,001 – 100,000 sq. ft $200.00 Covered mall bldg. Displays
$75.00 per visit
100,001 – 150,000 sq. ft $250.00 Day Care $75.00 per visit
150,001 – 200,000 sq. ft $300.00 Exhibits/trade show
$75.00 per visit
over 200,000 sq. ft $350.00 Final Inspection $50.00
Foster Home
$75.00 per visit
Group Home $75.00 per visit
LP or gas equip. in assemble
$75.00 per visit
* if violations are found on inspections, the first re-inspection is provided at no charge. Each subsequent re-inspection is subject to the re-inspection fee.


Burn Fee ……………………………………………………………………………………$1,655.00

False Alarm:
1st through 3rd calls $0.00
4th call $50.00
each subsequent call $1,000.00

Emergency Response………………………………………………………………….. $500.00.

Exit Violations –

1st Offense – $500 per door

2nd Offense – $1,000 per door

(For each subsequent offense in the period of a year of last offense)


A Fire Permit allows the applicant to conduct an operation of a business for which a permit is required by the NC Fire Prevention Code. The prescribed duration of the operational permit is the same as the frequency of the state mandated fire inspection schedule for the given type of occupancy.

Description Permit Description Permit
Aerosol Products $40.00 Industrial Ovens $40.00
Amusement Buildings $40.00 Lumber Yard and Woodworking Plants $40.00
Aviation Facilities $40.00 Fueled Auto or Equipment Assembly Buildings $40.00
Carnivals and Fairs $40.00 LP Gas $40.00
Cellulose Nitrate Film $40.00 Magnesium $40.00
Combustible Dust Producing Operations $40.00 Miscellaneous Combustible Storage $40.00
Combustible Fibers $40.00 Open Burning $40.00
Compressed Gases $40.00 Open Flames or Torches $40.00
Covered Mall Buildings $40.00 Open Flames or Candles $40.00
Cryogenic Fluids $40.00 Organic Coatings $40.00
Cutting and Welding $40.00 Places of Assembly $40.00
Dry Cleaning Plants $40.00 Private Fire Hydrants $40.00
Exhibits or Trade Shows $40.00 Pyrotechnic Special Effects Materials $40.00
Explosives $40.00 Pyroxylin Plastics $40.00
Fire Hydrants and Valves $40.00 Refrigeration Equipment $40.00
Flammable Combustible Liquids $40.00 Repair Garages and Service Stations $40.00
Floor Finishing $40.00 Rooftop Heliports $40.00
Fruit and Crop Ripening $40.00 Spraying or Dipping $40.00
Fumigation/Thermal Insecticide Fogging $40.00 Storage of Scrap Tires and Tire Byproducts $40.00
Hazardous Materials $40.00 Temporary Membrane Structures, Tents/Canopies $40.00
HPM Facilities $40.00 Tire-Rebuilding Plants $40.00
High Piled Combustibles $40.00 Waste Handling $40.00
Hot Work Operations $40.00 Wood Products $40.00


Automatic Fire/Extinguish System
Battery Systems
Compress Gases
Cryogenic Fluids
Fire Alarm & Detection System & Related Equipment
Fire Pump & Related Equipment
Fireworks Discharge/Explosives
Flammable & Combustibles
Hazardous Materials
Industrial Ovens
L.P. Gas
Private Fire Hydrants
Spraying & Dipping
Stand Pipe Systems
Tank install/Removing/Piping
Temporary Membrane Structures, Tents & Canopies
Plan Review Fees:
Plans up to 5,000 square feet $50.00
Plans 5,001 to 10,000 square feet $100.00
Plans 10,001 to 25,000 square feet $150.00
Plans 25,001 and over $200.00


Category I Violation. A Category I violation is any violation of the Fire Prevention Ordinance which causes a fire resulting in damage to property or personal injury; which is a contributing factor to a fire resulting in damage to property or personal injury; or which aggravates the damage to property or personal injury caused by the fire; provided that the kindling of a bonfire or outdoor rubbish fire in violation of Section 5 of Volume V of the Fire Code Prevention Code is not a Category I violation if the fire does not spread or cause personal injury or damage to property other than the bonfire material or outdoor rubbish being burned. The civil penalty for a Category I violation. $1000.00
Category II Violation.  A Category II violation is a violation of Section 802 “Maintenance of Exit Ways” of Volume V of the Fire Prevention Code, not coincidentally a Category II violation. The civil penalty for a Category II violation $500.00
Category III Violation.  A Category III violation is a violation of the Fire Prevention Code involving places of assembly or storage of combustible, hazardous, or explosive materials, not coincidentally a Category I or II violation or merely a failure to obtain a permit. The civil penalty for a Category III violation $250.00
Category IV Violation. A Category IV violation is the failure to obtain a permit required by the Fire Prevention Ordinance without there being any other violation of the ordinance; provided, the forgoing does not apply to open burning permits. The civil penalty for a Category IV violation $150.00
Category V Violation. A Category V violation is open burning of materials without a permit required by the Fire Prevention Ordinance or the open burning under a permit of materials not authorized by the ordinance or in violation of conditions or limitations in the permit or in violation of Volume V “Fire Prevention.” The civil penalty for a Category V violation $125.00
Category VI Violation.  A Category VI violation is any violation of the Fire Prevention Ordinance which is not coincidentally a Category I, II, III, IV, or V violation. The civil penalty for a Category VI violation $100.00

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